Houghton’s top-quality biostable fluids minimize waste and maximize your manufacturing uptime.

Biostability at Houghton started with our revolutionary Hocut® 795 line of metal removal fluids. From there we developed biostable solutions for our Metal Cleaners and Rust Preventives. Each biostable product delivers high performance and the cleaner-running machines you’ve come to expect from Houghton.

Easy, safe, clean, outstanding biostability: a long, odor-free sump life provides the lowest overall cost of operation:

  • Extends sump life – dramatically reduces waste treatment, disposal, and recharge costs
  • No repeated need for sump-side additives
  • Extends tool life
  • Improves productivity – reduces cycle time
  • Reduces rework and scrap rates
  • Holds higher tolerances
  • Increases machining capacity with no capital investment

Biostability = Profitability = Houghton