Neat Oils

Houghton has the most comprehensive line of neat oil machining lubricants in the industry – an array of finely tuned formulations designed for applications where lubricity is more critical than heat reduction. Houghton’s neat oil brands allow you to optimize plant economics:

  • Effective additive packages provide anti-welding and extreme pressure lubrication enabling difficult operations on hard-to-machine alloys while extending tool life and raising productivity
  • Chlorine- and heavy-metal-free products eliminate waste disposal upcharges and enable recycling or reclaiming used oil
  • Houghton’s line of straight cutting oils are low-misting, which means a clean and safe working environment

Houghton delivers products tailored for your particular industry, including:

  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Building and Construction
  • Aluminum and Steel
  • General Machining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Bearings
  • Industrial Agriculture
  • Excavation Machinery

Houghton’s custom designed formulations give you the edge in highly specialized applications.